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A golf course in the heart of the bay of Morlaix

A beautiful course skimming alongside the beach of Clouet

A golf course in the heart of the bay

Nestled comfortably between the wooded hill and Clouet beach, the Baie de Morlaix golf club is bordered by the reknowned GR34 footpath, opposite the Cairn de Barnenez, in a unique natural setting.

With a constantly evolving colour palette, courtesy of the varying tides and weather, every round of golf is enhanced differently by a panorama that even the most regular golfer will never tire of.

The Château du Taureau, Vauban's sentinel of the Baie de Morlaix watches over the sea in the distance. The silhouette of this stone building stands out above the waves: the "Sea Watch".

Between land and sea

Throughout your golf journey you will be accompanied by the sea, it's fauna and the salty, iodised marine air. Take time out at the start of hole n° 8 to experience the magnificent panorama which allows you to embrace the bay vista in its entirity.

Golf facing the bay All the holes on the course offer a wide panorama of the Bay of Morlaix ©