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A golf course in the heart of the bay of Morlaix

Nestled between the woods of the chateaux and the sea

The course

Designed by architect Martin Hawtree, reknowned for his conception and renovation of golf courses, this 9-hole course in the Bay of Morlaix offers a unique opportunity to stroll between the wooded expanse around the chateaux of Kermenguy and Kerdavid and the sea.

For players of all levels

The course, a par 34 of 2420 meters, protected from the prevailing winds by the wooded hillside, offers a real challenge regardless of your golf ability.

For leisure golfers and beginners

It is a fairly short golf course, rendering it equally accessible to new players.

At a fluid playing rhythm, the course takes between 1h45 and 2 hours, depending on the number of players in your group.

Experienced and competitive golf players

Conversely, despite its "easy" aspect, it is a very technical 9-hole course, particularly on some of the smaller greens.

'It allows great games for even the most seasoned competitors', says Benjamin Seité, Director of Golf.

The mastery of wedging shots and a good strategy on the face-offs can make a real difference to a players final score.

A real chameleon of a course, it allows you to have fun playing golf with friends or family, whatever your level - from the moment you have the green card-and with a permanent view of the sea!

Map of the Bay of Morlaix Golf Course
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Map of the course

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