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A golf course in the heart of the bay of Morlaix

A golf course bordering both maritime and forest areas.

A remarkable ecosystem

The Baie de Morlaix golf course is located to the east of Carantec, at the mouth of the Morlaix river (North Finistère). The sea facing site, is sheltered from the westerly winds by a hill covered with beech and chestnut trees.

An evergreen golf course

The nature of the slty, clay loam, along with the presence of numerous springs creates a constantly humid basin. This is accentuated due to certain areas of the course being below sea-level. In addition, the water that runs down from the hill promotes a lush vegetation and means the golf course is beautifully green even in summer!

A water reserve facility allows the colection of this water along with the rainwater which is essential during the Summer. It also provides accommodation for a large number of fauna and flora species associated with this environment: ducks, kingfishers, carp, amphibians, coypu and irises, reeds and willows which line the banks and serve as refuge for fauna.

Remarkable trees along the route

On the site of the golf course there are some fantastic trees to be found. Indeed, century-old oaks are present along all of the nine holes and provide shelter for the driving range. In autumn, there are porcini mushrooms, chanterelles and amanitas aplenty to be found.


A rich and varied fauna

The diversity of tree species (ash, chestnut, lime, birch and conifers) as well as the large grassy expanse are favourable for many species of diurnal birds: passerines and songbirds (tits, robins, goldfinches, etc.), birds of prey (buzzards, falcons, hawks, and owls), waders (herons and egrets) but also predatory nocturnal species such as bats, badgers and foxes that come to feed on rodents and insects.

GolfBMx - Ducks_02

During a morning game of golf, it is not unusual to come across several mammals such as hares, rabbits or even deer.

The proximity of the Clouët beach encourages the arrival of seabirds anabling easy obsevation of curlews, oystercatchers and black-headed gulls on the fairways throughout the golf course.

Eco-responsible practices

For the past ten years, in a bid to protect the flora and fauna to a maximuma, a yearly late mowing of the high roughs is carried out in October. This further encourages the presence of pollinating insect species such as bees and butterflies. This maintenance practice also aids the preservation and protection of wildlife during the nesting period.

The Baie de Morlaix Golf Club is rich in biodiversity and our ethos is that it is both necessary and possible to combine the practice of golf, while preserving a natural environment. 

Sunrise over the Gulf of Morlaix Bay Facing south-east, mornings at the golf course are often sumptuous ©Golf BMx
The vegetation is lush at the Baie de Morlaix golf course The surroundings of the golf course give way to green and flowery vegetation ©Golf BMx