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A golf course in the heart of the bay of Morlaix

A small but impressive 9 hole pitch and putt for fun golfing in Carantec

Pitch & putt

The Carantec golf course, located in Finistère, Brittany, has a 9-hole pitch & putt which is perfect for training or organised events. Whether for business seminars, relaxation, team-building events or other special occasions, the pitch & putt golf course of the Baie de Morlaix offers an ideal setting for an unforgettable experience.

Why pitch & putt brings a plus to the Baie de Morlaix golf course?

  • A pitch & putt allows players, not yet autonomous on the "grand course" to be able to practice their golf game on a course of par 27 over 589 metres.
  • The course being shorter and with fewer obstacles requires less technical mastery so allowing you to have fun quickly.
  • The pitch and putt at the Baie de Morlaix golf course was inaugurated in 2015. It is particular due to it's synthetic greens and departures which means it can played throughout the whole year.
  • The pitch and putt is in addition to the 9-hole course and has the advantage of being accessible to players of all levels, capacity and age regardles of experience.

Available for various activities.

  • Introduction to golf from an early age.
  • Business events: seminars, team building.
  • Holiday sessions: courses, lessons.
  • Golf school:  sessions and lessons.

During peak periods on the 9-hole course, the Bay of Morlaix Pitch and Putt is ideal for playing no-pressure golf in an idyllic setting.

Scorecard details for the Baie de Morlaix Pitch and Putt.

The pitch & putt is a 9 hole of 589 meters. Par 3 for each hole so par 27 in total.

  • hole n°1 - Ile Louët : 45 metres
  • hole n°2 - Green Island : 58 metres
  • hole n°3 - Ile Callot : 90 metres
  • hole n°4 - Ile aux Dames : 80 metres
  • hole n°5 - Ile de Sable : 62 metres
  • hole n°6 - Ile Ricard : 70 metres
  • hole n°7 - Black Island : 58 metres
  • hole n°8 - Hell : 60 metres
  • hole n°9 - Le Paradis : 56 metres

Download the pitch & putt map-Baie de Morlaix, Carantec.


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